About Us

Love is so short, forgetting is so long.

- Pablo Neruda

ScreeningRoom is a revolutionary new web platform for the independent film and content-creating community. It’s a simple way for filmmakers to upload cuts and invite team members and screeners to give collaborative feedback right in a timeline.

ScreeningRoom is created by an award-winning independent filmmaking team who are motivated to help build sustainability in the independent filmmaking and content-creating community. We welcome your ideas and your support!

Micah Garen


Marie-Hélène Carleton


Jacob Griswold-Moran


Ursula Damm



Director of Breakfast Procurement

  • Simon Kilmurry Executive Director, IDA (International Documentary Association)
  • Margo Tatgenhorst Drakos Entrepreneur
  • Rebecca Richman Cohen Emmy Nominated Film Director, Lecturer, Harvard Law School
  • Michael Vachon Advisor to the Chairman at Soros Fund Management
  • Malika Zouhali-Worrall Filmmaker
  • Kirsten Schaffer Executive Director of Women in Film

A community for filmmakers, by filmmakers.

Made with love in Brooklyn.