ScreeningRoom is new web-platform for the independent film and content creating community. Anyone can join the ScreeningRoom community and create projects, upload drafts, create teams and invite screeners to get comments and feedback right in the timeline. With ScreeningRoom, collaboration and feedback is much easier and more engaging
Anyone can join ScreeningRoom and begin screening cuts and collaborating with other filmmakers
Any browser that is HTML 5 compatible


A project is your workspace. You can upload video drafts into a project, and then create screeings from those drafts
You can delete a project by simply opening the project and click “Edit Project Details” and click “Remove Project”. We will be implementing a feature shortly that will allow you to archive a project as well


A draft is video cut that you upload into a project. You can have many drafts in one project as your refine your film
Yes, you can delete a draft by opening it and going to “Remove Draft”, you will need to provide your password.


A screening is an instance of a draft you would like people to watch and give you feedback on. You create a screening by selecting the draft you want to screen, and inviting users to view and comment on that draft in the ScreeningRoom. You can create different screenings from the same draft, and invite different screeners to those screenings.
It's easy. Go into projects, click the draft that you which to create a screening room, then click “Invite to Screen”. You will be taken through a simple set of forms where you name the screening, invite screeners, define categories of feedback, and then write a personal message to your screeners.
You can invite anyone to a screeing when you setup the screening, or from the ScreeningRoom by simply clicking 'invite to screen' and entering their email. They will get an email invitation, and once they setup a ScreeningRoom account, they can access the screening.
No you don’t, team members automatically have access to any screenings you create under the project they are apart of.

Team Members

An admin is the user that has complete administrative control over the project. Once you create a project you automatically become the admin and can invite others to become team members. If you would like to make other team members adminsm just open the project and go to “Manage Team Members”.
You invite others to become team members on your project. Once they accept your invitation you can specify their role and what they are allowed to do on the project. To invite or remove members just go to “Manage Members”.
To edit a team member’s role and capabilities, first open the project they are apart of, then go to “Manage Team Members” and manually change their role.


We support most major file formats and codecs for video. Content creators have the best results when using an H.264-based codec to compress their files.

Here is a list of the video extensions we allow: mp4, mov, wmv, webm, mkv, flv, vob, ogv, ogg, avi, qt, asf, m4v, mpg, mpeg, m2v, 3gp, mxf.
As long as you have enough space remaining in your monthly upload limit and total storage limit, you may upload videos of any size. These limits are set by your current membership plan.
Our recommended target bitrate for H.264 encoding is 5Mb/s. Lowering this bitrate will allow you to upload more minutes of material at smaller file sizes. Please note that doing so will reduce the quality of your videos.

Membership & Payment

There are three monthly subscription membership plans to choose from: Basic, Premium and Pro.
Here are steps to downgrade your membership:
1. Go to My Account (hover your mouse in the top righthand corner over your profile photo and choose from the dropdown)
2. Scroll down to Membership and click Upgrade/Change Plan
3. Choose the Free Account


Please contact us if you wish to delete your account.


We take security seriously and are diligent about securing the site. Traffic is protected by SSL and only people you invite to screen can see your film.


Yes. As filmmakers, we treat your projects and your privacy with as much concern as our own. No one has access to your data, your films or the feedback on your films except you and the people you choose to share it with. We would never share your data with a third party, or sell your data. Your work is your work, you own it.