Submissions are closed for Women In Film Finishing Fund 2018.

Submission Guidelines


  • Project must meet one of the following two criteria:

    - Credit a writer AND director who identifies as a woman

    - Credit a writer OR director who identifies as a woman AND include a protagonist who identifies as a woman  

  • Project must be a narrative, documentary, or experimental feature or short film.

  • Film must be at the rough cut stage at the time of submission, with 90% of principal photography complete

    - You will be required to upload the rough cut of the film at the time of submission

  • The four Stella Artois $25,000 grants must have a message of social change with particular consideration given to films with a water theme.
  • Non-English language submissions must have English subtitles included on the rough cut at time of submission.
  • Student films are not accepted.
  • International Films are accepted

  • Film must not play in public theaters (including film festivals), air on television, or stream publicly online prior to the announcement of grant winners.

Video Guidelines

In order for your film to qualify, it must be at the rough cut stage, with 90% of principal principal photography complete.

This means your film should be shot and edited to the extent that judges can clearly see the shape that the story is going to take.

Note: you must upload the rough cut of the film at the time of submission.  You can upload a file that is up to 5GB.  If you have a larger file, we encourage you to reduce the size.  If you must upload more than 5GB you can purchase a Basic ScreeningRoom account for the extra file size.  Please be sure to read all of the technically requirements HERE prior to beginning your upload. All foreign language films must have English subtitles at the time of submission. Please note that we do not allow files to be switched out once submitted.

Document Guidelines


  • A line-item budget for the film (see example)
  • A finance Plan, including financing to date and financing needed to complete the film  (see example)
  • Bios of key crew members 
  • A signed and initialed filmmaker warranty. Click here to access warranty.

  • Film Finishing Fund Submission
Film Finishing Fund Submission
Early Bird Deadline $80.00
Regular Deadline $100.00
Late Deadline $150.00
Extended Late Deadline $150.00